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Certificate Of Entitlement and Nominee

The V750 form, also known as a Certificate of Entitlement, is a document provided by DVLA for fresh, previously unassigned registration marks. Unassigned marks are obtained when buyers purchase never been used before marks from DVLA’s auction site.

The V750 is completely different from V778, which is used for number plates which have been previously registered and are kept offline for future use (retention).

What are the advantages of form V750?

The biggest advantage of form V750 is that buyers who do not own a vehicle (or an age compatible vehicle) are still able to buy a number plate. This is perfect for young people who are saving for their first car. Sometimes, a great personalised number plate can appear before you are ready to buy a car, so this certificate allows you to purchase the plate in advance.

Another great use of the certificate of entitlement is as a surprise gift. The buyer, known as the grantee in the certificate, can buy the number plate in advance and present it at the appropriate time.

As far as the rights are concerned, the grantee can assign the number plate to a nominee of his or her choosing at no cost. However, while the nominee is legally allowed to use the number plate, the legal right continues to reside with the grantee.

If the grantee desires to change the nominee or the nominee details at a future date, he can do so by filing in the Change of Nominee Details in the form and submit it to DVLA along with a £25 fee.

Assignment to a Vehicle

Once the grantee or the nominee have finalised the vehicle to be used for the private number plate, they should submit the following to DVLA along with a standard assignment fee of £80:

• V750 certificate

• Logbook

• MOT certificate (if applicable)

DVLA will respond within two weeks with a new log book, a tax disc and a V948 certificate. The V948 certificate enables you to place an order for physical number plates from an approved supplier. However, depending on the age of the assigned vehicle, DVLA may also request you to bring the vehicle for an inspection.

V750 Validity

Please note that form V750 is valid for one year. You have the option of renewing the certificate at a cost of £25 per year. If the certificate is not renewed after one year, the registration mark will lapse and be released back into the public pool.

Important: To ensure you do not violate your insurance policy, please advise your insurer on any changes pertaining to a change of number plates for the assigned vehicle.