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Know Something About Number Plates

In simple words, private number plates for your vehicle is a great way to come into notice. Similar to domain names, unissued government stock and private number plates are best way to customize something that can be thought as boring. The registration numbers that comes with your vehicle when you buy it for the first time might not be tempting, however if you decide to purchase private number plates, you will get loads of options. If you pick cherished plates, you will get to choose from your name or initials like SCO 7S for Scott, 81 LLY for Billy etc.

Private number plates can conceal the vehicle’s age

With the help of private registration, you can easily hide or conceal your vehicle’s age. There are certain methods to do the same. For example, you could place an older number plate on a new vehicle, or you could just employ a Northern irish or dateless plate instead.

Note: though you can make a new vehicle look older with latest registration style, but its wrong to make an older vehicle look new with the use of latest registration style.

Witty number plates

Fun private numbers are perfect way to show up from the throng. Check out the below mentioned examples of witty private numbers -

Private registration for names

Names are considered as the most usual types of personalized plates.  Here are the examples of some most usual name-based personalized plates -

Important Information about Private Number Plates

If you really want to have private plates on your car or bike then you should get the right to show the new number. This implies that you need to officially transfer the new number to your vehicle instead of old number. You may not simply change your vehicle’s registration number by just purchasing plastic number plates having your desired number. Your registration won’t change without doing the transfer process.

In addition, there are strict rules overriding the display of registration numbers on your vehicle’s number plates. The number plates should match to a set of disclaimer about reflectivity, size, colour, character size and decoration, spacing and font. Failing to meet those display rules can lead to MOT failure, permanent loss of the concerned registration number, and a fine. There are some legit websites that gives you with the details of the regulations about number plates display.

One more thing to keep in mind while buying private numbers is the compatibility of registration number and vehicle. It is not allowed to flaunt a registration holding a year code after the actual date of vehicle’s registration. Thus, it would be illegal to show a current-style ‘57’ number on your car or bike registered back in 2002. So, that is it. You are advised to keep all these things in mind and then make an informed decision.